Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Role of Personal Financial Planning industry in India

The role of personal financial planning industry in India is gaining importance as well as momentum with more and more individuals understanding the need for a secured future where wealth should not be a hurdle. And this can be achieved if the responsibility of managing wealth and putting it to proper use can be given in the hands of a trusted private wealth management firm. Client Associates is one such firm that has offered its services in the field of Private wealth management as well as other core advisory practices such as family office, wealth protection, real estate and estate planning services in India.

Apart from rendering its services in the personal financial planning industry, Client Associates also offers professional service to their clients on how to reinvest the money or save it under suitable insurance or other such saving schemes. The team members of CA are senior private bankers who have vast experience in the field of Corporate finance, Investment banking and offshore private banking in India.

The personal financial planning industry in India has seen immense success due to firms like Client Associates, who have built a trust amongst their clients. Not only do they manage wealth, but offer valuable services and advice that can make the future generations secured as well. They offer services in estate planning so that there are fewer disputes among family members after inheritance. They also help to secure the future of children as well. This is one trusted name among wealth management firms that will go a long way in securing the personal financial planning industry of India.

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