Thursday, January 13, 2011

Get the most out of wealth management

In today’s time wealth management is a key issue in India, which was being neglected from a long time. However, as time has progressed, people have also been able to understand the importance of wealth management. As a result, people of India are now more cautious about their wealth, and are looking to increase it by proper planning and strategies. However, they still lack various things related to wealth management, which is why they must hire a private wealth management company to take care of financial matters, whether it is assets or investment.

In India, Client Associates is a leading private wealth management firm, which not only caters to the people of India, but to the people of England also. This firm is serving many wealthy families in India and world renowned clients’ since May 2002. Since its establishment, it has been providing a professional platform of wealth management services, as it was founded by the senior private bankers. In India itself, it operates in two major IT hubs and three metro cities which include Bangalore, Gurgaon, New Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai respectively. Apart form these cities, it has also set up a state of the art office in London. Moreover, it has also put strategic alliances in place, which provides beneficial and quality taxation services India.


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