Friday, March 22, 2013

Entrepreneurs in India

In any country’s economy financial situation entrepreneurs have great contribution and India is in no way different. In each and every up and down that Indian economy has faced and facing, entrepreneurs in India have a massive effect. The word “entrepreneur” sounds quite heavy though an entrepreneur is no one but the person who manufactures a new product using land or capital existing in the economy. All the major business decisions are taken by the entrepreneurs and often the decision makes the fate of the country as well.

The importance of entrepreneurs in India came into existence in the pre-independence period when India had very less number of enterprises. There was hardly a large scale firm and the economy was not at all a developing one. But during the post-independence period, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru brought in a massive change by introducing entrepreneurs in Indian economy. The main intention behind increasing entrepreneurship were

  1. Raise the country's production
  2. Increase the rate of employment
  3. Bring in development regionally
  4. Reduce the number of unemployed and disguised employed people
  5. And lastly and most importantly to raise women employment.

At the present time Indian economy is experiencing a commendable boost up and all because of the entrepreneurs in India. Almost every day we found a number of young entrepreneurs are unveiling themselves in the economy with some extraordinary and innovative ideas. In addition to this, the existing wealthy bodies in our country are supporting the new entrepreneurs in India to make their dreams come true. The rapid growth of Indian economy is highly accelerated by the entrepreneurs in India undoubtedly.

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