Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Women Entrepreneurship in India

From long past India have always been the center destinations entrepreneurs of all over the world and as the time has passed the number has gone up and up. At present the entrepreneurship in India holds a great command not only in the national market but in the international market as well.

There have been a number of revolutions in the entrepreneurship but amongst all the most important and mention worthy one is the women entrepreneurship in India. This is a great thing indeed. A huge part of the entrepreneurs in India is now women. The women entrepreneurs in India mostly run the small size businesses and enterprises.

If we see nowadays there are huge group of women who do not depend on other for job or search for jobs rather they are much more involved in getting self employed. They open up their own business like boutiques, parlors, schools and much more that give birth to new enterprises. A lot of people get a source of income getting employed in these enterprises and thus the women entrepreneurship in India is becoming much and much stronger day by day.

But the women entrepreneurs in India are not as faster and smooth as it could have been. This is due to lack of support and skill. At the same time, even until that, the maximum women in this country are prioritize being a home maker than a business person and this is why the transition from a home maker to a business holder takes a lot of time to flourish the entrepreneurship. But if it goes on like the women entrepreneurs in India will soon become famous worldwide with great business skill.

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